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16. 30-set-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Esercizi della banda" di Sara su Pinterest. Do/Does Type Do or Does in the boxes below. That was so cool! Radice comune della parola 44. Use do and does to ask questions in the present tense. ]|be è un verbo irregolare|3° persona singolare → is She (teach) English. Shall 48. 4 Do your friends like playing golf? Esercizi. For negatives add ‘don’t’ or ‘doesn’t’. Where does your sister live? End of the free exercise to learn English: Do, does, don't or doesn't A free English exercise to learn English. Present Continuous (4 dialogues) – Pagina 49 4. Present Perfect Simple (4 dialogues) – Pagina 51 5. 3. 3. we have any paint? Classi seconde. e Yes, I do. (Do/Does) they know that you're my sister?5. 5. 6. 10. 8. "SIMPLE PRESENT" E "PRESENT CONTINUOUS" Nell'esercizio che segue dovrai scegliere tra "present simple" e "present continuous" sottolineando il verbo giusto. by Lewis Baker 44 Elenco dialoghi sia in italiano che in inglese 1. I sometimes read in bed. Bill and Anne like each other? Fill in the blanks with either Do or Does. go go live live play speak work I live in Venice. For example:-YT - My husband does the dishes.. ST - Gosh! 4. (Do/Does) your cats play with you?7. Se sei uno studente avrai bisogno di fare molto esercizio in modo da ricordare come utilizzare al meglio questo tempo verbale. As much / many / little / few as 43. 4. she know you? Mike gets up / is getting up at seven o'clock in the morning. Other English exercises on the same topic : BE, HAVE, DO, DID, WAS... | … 5. it close at 6.30 pm? You (do/does) understand, don't you? To do and to be exercises. Does Bill teach maths? No, I don’t. I often get ill. 6. they smoke? 2. he go to the beach very often? 7. (Faccio/ pratico l’aerobica.) I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Tutti gli esercizi sono adatti alle classi 2^ tranne gli argomenti di grammaticali che non hai ancora affrontato I must do more exercise. Does she take her gog for a walk in the morning? 6. 3 My Pc/old/new 4 you/thin/fat 5 My name / not Bill. PRONOMI INTERROGATIVI . 2. Do and Does. 4 She in an apartment in Rome. She likes apples. Welcome! :: page Default You can also print activities, tests … It likes warm water.. Be careful! Exercise on Question Tags :: Learn English online - free exercises, explanations, games, teaching materials and plenty of information on English language. (Do/Does) you speak English?2. Traduzione in contesto di do, con esempi d'uso reale. … [Anne lavora in una scuola di lingue. If you would like to read some Grammar Notes about Do and Does and when to use them, visit this page: Do vs. See the box below. I can't believe the zoo keeper you feed the snake. Alan is having breakfast / has breakfast. I don’t like chocolate. More functions for the verb “to do” The verb “to do” works as a main verb. 10. Con Contenuto digitale per download e accesso on line PDF mobi epub Questo eserciziar 4. It / Billy 6 She/English/French 7 Ronald and I/friends/brothers Soluzioni: (1) Beth is not rich. Rispondi in modo personale con risposte brevi. Verbi irregolari e modelli dei verbi inglesi. Does. 38 Do, Does, Don’t, Doesn’t s A sk questions using the co orm of do e ts using the co orm of do. Does in questions. Modal auxiliaries, Questions, do, does - Online Exercise. 8. [Lei è un'insegnante. Visualizza altre idee su esercizi, allenamento, programmi di allenamento. Does your friend Paul work in the shop over there? My day I usually 1_____ up at 7 a.m. Mum 2_____ a big breakfast for Sally and me, and 4 Does your best friend like going shopping? Do: Does: 1. you like chocolate? 7. Grammar Rule Examples. Inserisci il verbo nella forma corretta del Simple Present.. Anne (work) in a language school. Si usa to do nelle seguenti espressioni: To do an exercise: fare un esercizio To do someone a favour: fare un favore a qualcuno To do one's best: fare del proprio meglio To do the shopping: fare la spesa To do the homework: fare i compiti To do the washing up: lavare i piatti He can't do anything by himself! I mustn't do more exercise. uso del do e del does usato come ausiliare, do/does non ha un significato proprio, nn si traduce in italiano e serve solo a fare una domanda (?) 3 Do you like listening to music? Beth is not rich. Need more practice? Numeri 47. What time do the lessons finish? Past Simple (4 dialogues) – Pagina 47 3. 4. 3 My sister Italian and German. In this section you can learn grammar rules and play games to help you understand. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Present Simple (4 dialogues) – Pagina 45 2. does. I have any string? 1 I the guitar. Task No. Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Fino a / finché 42. Download this quiz in PDF here. I have to do more exercise. 8. Do your friends go to the cinema very often? Avrai la possibilità di salvare tutti i tuoi progressi ottenuti visualizzandoli nella nuova dashboard con statistiche dettagliate e non visualizzare le pubblicita nel sito. 2. they have any paint brushes? last year I had to get up early every day. 3. Put in do or does into the gaps. Do your parents know that you smoke? 'To stop to do' o 'To stop doing' 52. d No, I don’t. I often get ill. 7. passato di must: last year must to got up early every day. Part A: Explain/review the uses of do and does in the box at the top. Present Simple e avverbi di frequenza 1 - Completa il brano con la forma affermativa corretta dei verbi nel riquadro. ]|3° persona singolare → aggiungiamo una s; She (be) a teacher. APRI. He doesn’t like the zoo. 15. utile pagina web contenente prima la spiegazione di quel argomento e poi una serie di esercizi. Whenever, whatever, whoever e wherever 46. Complete the question with either Do or Does. Between e among 50. last year I must to get up early every day. do not he she it does not you we ... Esercizi 1 Completa le frasi con la forma affermativa dei verbi del riquadro. 1 Do you like playing tennis? If they (do/does) come, I will be very surprised. :: page 05 2 My parents in a bank. The contract was very detailed, and it was essential that the wording be absolutely correct. Appunto di grammatica inglese per le scuole superiori in cui è presente la regola del do e del does, con descrizione delle regole e delle frasi principali. I do aerobics. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! Lei insegna Inglese.|3° persona singolare, il verbo termina con ch → aggiungiamo es (Do/Does) Polish people eat a lot of meat? Auxiliary verbs: to be - to do present and past exercises elementary and intermediate level esl Remember! 5 my mother and sister have long hair? She is poor L infinito Using the elements given, write sentences like in the example es Beth/rich/poor 2 David and Janet /at the cinema/at home. Tommy didn't want to go to his cousin's birthday party, but his mom him go. Quando utilizziamo gli avverbi interrogativi, come where, when, what, ecc, questi precedono do/does: What Where When Why How. Do the 1. We like vegetables.. Verbi e preposizioni particolari 51. alla terza persona singolare : he (lui) – she (lei) – it (esso/essa) si usa "does", 1749. I (don't/doesn't) know how to cook. Esercizi. 7. my father have any paper clips? 1. he have any glue? 'Do', 'does', e 'did' per rafforzare 41. 8. my brother have any … 9. 2 Do you like skateboarding? I look funny in these jeans? I often get ill. They like the zoo. 1. Anno scolastico 2011-2012 – ENGLISH SUMMER HOMEWORK •Esercizi da fare nel periodo giugno-agosto Utilizzando il computer sul sito puoi fare un proficuo ripasso autocorrettivo. 8. you cant' park here,it's forbidden . Download Microeconomia. Simple Present, Exercises on Form - 05 :: Learn English online - free exercises, explanations, games, teaching materials and plenty of information on English language. This English grammar game is to help you learn the difference between Do vs. ESERCIZI PER IL RIPASSO CLASSE SECONDA Ripassa bene VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR e FUNCTIONS studiati durante l'anno e svolgi questi esercizi. Do they know the answers to the exam? Do you like learning about English grammar? Molto e troppo 45. YT - Yes he did.. Do is used as an auxiliary verb (dummy auxiliary) in the question form.. For example: I know the way. Add an 's' for she, he and it. (Do/Does) he always behave like this?4. 3. we have any pens? Did he do them yesterday?. 14. 3. 2. do. Do / Does / Am / Is / Are Exercise 1. Review do / does / am / is / are here. Coniugazione del verbo inglese do: past tense, present, past perfect, future. Exercise 2: 1. insieme a tutti i verbi tranne che con il verbo essere, il verbo avere e il verbo “can” (potere/sapere). I like chocolate. He likes the park. Why (do/does) he always wear the same shirt? Registrati gratuitamente e avrai la possibilità di effettuare gli oltre 10.000 esercizi del sito. 5 Does your sister like dancing? Say e tell 49. SKILL OBJECTIVE: Simple present tense with do/does. Forma Negativa, Interrogativa e Interrogativa-Negativa Le forme negativa, interrogativa e interrogativa-negativa del Simple Present si costruiscono con gli ausiliari DO e DOES La forma negativa si ottiene aggiungendo l'ausiliare don't (contrazione di do + not) o doesn't (contrazione di does + not) prima della forma base del verbo; doesn't si usa solo nella terza persona singolare (he, she, it). ESERCIZI TOO ENOUGH. 9. she speak German? 6. you have any popcorn? I only like cartoons. Grammar Revision "can-cannot/do-does- don´t-doesn´t/Simple Present/have got-has got/Subject Pronouns" Level: elementary Age: 8-14 Downloads: 754 Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Diventa utente premium da solo 2€. NEW: Download our free Do vs Does Worksheet (in PDF). This evening Mark is going /goes to a party with his friends.

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